Enerman technology: description of operation

Enerman technology: description of operation

The reactor of ablative pyrolysis is heated to a temperature of 750 ° C for 30 minutes by the induction heater. After the installation of the operating mode, the external power supply is terminated. Next, the process is supported by continuously evolving heat from the reaction.

Raw materials with a relative humidity of up to 2% are fed into the reactor by screw conveyors and high-temperature sluice gates. The entropy destruction of solid organic matter with the formation of a vapor-gas mixture and a carbonaceous residue (the pyrolysis coke) occurs in the reactor within 1-5 seconds.

Pyrolysis coke is discharged from the reactor with a cooled screw conveyor.

The gas-vapor mixture is sent to cyclone filters and a scrubber-condenser, where it is divided into synthetic renewable gas and liquid condensate. The gas enters the gas treatment unit for final cleaning and supply to consumers, the liquid is used for pre-drying the feedstock.

The released excess thermal energy of the reactor is removed by heat exchangers for deep drying of raw materials or for use in other technological processes.